Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scott Kalitta dad's Kalitta Air connected to military and CIA

On Saturday, June 21, 2008, Scott Kalitta, funny car driver, was killed when his car crashed and burst into flames.
Scott Kalitta's funny car was sponsored by his family's air freight company, Kalitta Air.
On Sunday, May28, a 25 year old Boeing 747 Kalitta jet, N704CK, crashed on take-off from Brussels airport. The specific plane is one of four of the company’s 747-200F’s and it regularly flies on Kalitta’s European cargo service to New York and Chicago, according to the company’s web schedule.
Amnesty International has reported that Kalitta Air has been linked to “covert intelligence and military operations” but unlike other CIA contractors that appear to be dummy companies run by fictitious individuals, it was founded by a Conrad Kalitta, a retired U.S. drag racing driver.
The plane was carrying 76 tons of cargo, half of which Belgian media reported to be mail. Details of the remaining cargo were not revealed.
In 2006, the U.S. military spent about $1.2 million to bring home the dead on commercial flights. The military sought a more "dignified" way of transport and awarded Kalitta Air the contract. The six-month Kalitta contract is worth up to $11 million.
According to a French report:
The flight also appears Sunday struck quirks: arrived Saturday between 16 and 17 hours, it returned Sunday to 13 am 30. A period quite unusual for a simple "refueling" Newark between the USA and Bahrain. A period which raises questions about possible repair work that would have been made that would not stem the blackout treated. . The aircraft has also violated the conditions of wind off with a knot tailwind, which is prohibited by day at Zaventem.
The question of the exact cargo of the plane accident was also raised. The flight was chartered by DHL, which is why it is spent by Brussels rather than Bierset, where two planes Kalitta arise each day. They pay the fuel more expensive, but officially earn time and therefore rights airport. Monday evening, while the rumour was that military equipment is on board, the U.S. embassy in Brussels wished to clarify that the Boeing 747 contained diplomatic courier. The permanent presence of U.S. military near the carcass not explained the need to monitor courier, a usual procedure. (click on list of transactions)
In 2003 Kalitta air was awarded 18million plus from the Department of Defense. Of course, in 2003 the CIA carried out most of it's "rendition flights". Of course this was also at the height of the war and Kalitta could be carrying cargo.
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