Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bush's Torture Policy

Did you catch Addison's testimony last week? Basically if he had just shown up with a big "Fuck this" written on his t-shirt, that would have pretty much summed it up.
Does this administration really just thumb it's nose at accountability and the Legislative leg of this so called system of government with checks and balances?
They have lawyers for the lawyers, each with their own perception of the law. Now, the SCOTUS is trying to "interpret" the Constitution to apply what they thought the founding fathers "intended" to say. Well, I guess I can agree with the "all MEN are created equal" thingy....that was intended to say "all Human Beings are created equal"...they kind of dropped the ink well on that one.
I really used to be all about the President being corrupt and a slimebag, but I think that is just a mute point now. I really think the sleeze comes straight from the Office of the Vice President. His cronies were the ones who penned the torture memos, his office was the one who held secret meetings with energy company officials(pre-9/11) before his terrorism task force met (post 9/11 btw), Haliburton no-bids, and he outed covert op Valerie Plame. He shot his friend in the freaking face. They don't call him "Dick" for nothing. Addington is one of his knights in this round table of shame and moral-corruptness. But you have to give Addington some cred, I guess he could have opted for the "phone-it-in" version that Rove wanted to give the Committee.
Don't you miss the days where the VP just bitched and moaned and embarassed himself at spelling bees?
Just wake up people...there won't be an election in November. Bush will declare martial law after invading Iran around..... I say..... Late September, early October. Just a predict.
Peace ya'll

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