Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Next First Lady

With all that has been said about Michelle Obama, ("loose cannon", "isn't proud of her country") I have yet to see any real reasons why she wouldn't be a great First Lady. In fact, I think it would be refreshing to have young children in the White House again, reminicent of the Kennedy White House.
As far as Cindy McCain goes, I think she should have served time for prescription fraud and for stealing narcotics. Her husband used his position to influence the DEA investigation against CRIMES Ms. McCain committed against her own charity. She recieved not a slap on the wrist. She committed a crime that puts people away everyday in this country.
If this race becomes a "Kerry/Bush bake off" of Michelle and Cindy's favorite cookie recipes (oh so vintage 2003), don't be surprised if Cindy's come out with some Vicodin in them.
Now, don't tell me if Hillary had been stealing prescriptions and ripping off her charity to get high, the vultures at the GOP wouldn't have sent Bill packing back to Hope in 1992......
Cindy McCain isn't off limits....

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