Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please forget about me being a Deregulator....

Dear Friends,
Please forget about me being a Deregulator....
I mean please do not watch this video.... .
And right now I am giving a speech in Bethlehem, PA saying not to trust Barack Obama because what he says now, doesn't equal to what he said in the past.
But, I keep forgetting (its the age thing) that I have been a DEREGULATOR for decades. I only decided to be pro-regulation when my nuts got in a bind because of the financial Katrina created by the administration of the last president who's name does escape me at the time (again, the age thing). So, since I can't remember who the last 8 years belonged to, and since the 8 years prior to him were really great and we need to get there financially again, but that guy was a evil democrat bastard, I can't name him either (the pride thing). So, instead I'll go for the Reagan guy. Everyone loves an old Republican. But they don't like celebrities! Except for Reagan, and know the gov of California.
I have to get back to my speech. I am writing you this letter on my blackberry which I personally programmed to read my mind and email my contact list. I am a genius, but I actually voted against the bill that would allow you guys out there to have this technology. Sucks to be you.
Sarah Palin thinks we are where Jesus was born. The public loves it so I won't correct her.