Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Okay, the Dixie Chicks were right....Fuck You Toby Keith

In a radio show interview, the uber-conservative, "stick a boot in their ass" mentality of Toby Keith showed through yet once again. He said that Obama doesn't walk, talk or carry himself as a black man and says that basically the only reason he is in contention for the white house is because he "acts caucasion".


I forgot that white rednecks who watch NASCAR like Keith have all the "smarts" to be President. I mean, look at brush-clearin' Bush. He was a good ol' boy.

Toby....stick to your stupid songs and your shitty bar-b-que joint and shut the fuck up about things you have no idea about.

And this is rich......before he says that Obama "acts" white, he talks about we can't get passed the racism that has plagued our nation for so many years. Laughable.

When people like Mr. Keith can see totally past color and all the stereotypes, then we have surpassed racism. And Toby Keith clearly sees people as "acting white" or "acting black"....
Which is racist.