Thursday, August 14, 2008

Timothy Dale Johnson...another reason gun laws suck and handguns are for pussies...

My condolences to the Gwatney family for their loss. It was a senseless killing, with an even senseless killer.

Just how mentally unstable do you have to be to obtain a handgun???
They found not one, but two handguns in Timothy Dale Johnson's truck after police shot and killed this waste of oxygen. This guy was "shaking" when he turned in his Target credentials after writing graffiti on a wall in the Target where he was employed. How very truck stop of him. What did he write? "For some serious man love, be here at 2am sharp!"?
Okay, so I'm guessing he has shown some mental instability in the past. He may not have a criminal record to speak of, but his mental stability had to come into question at one point. You don't just lose you wiring after getting fired from a making 8 bucks and hour at flipping Target!
If this isn' YET ANOTHER example of how the gun laws in this Gawdforsaken country desperately need an enema...i don't know what would substanciate as one.

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