Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain/ Palin 2008

The Republicans are going for the "awww...she sure is purdy aint she pa" vote. Nice to see that Republicans are turning back to into Heterosexuals......


Pregnancy-gate, Trooper-gate...

Cindy McCain thinks Palin has foreign policy experience cause Alaska is close to Russia. Well, Jose has a gas station close to the Texas/Mexico border, so....JOSE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL!
Take another Vicodin Cindy.

Here is a picture of Palin a mere 5 weeks before she gave birth to her daughter's baby....ahem....

But the Republicans are SO ARROGANT and frankly STUPID, they think they will get away with it.

I guess all the talking heads who think Obama was "not experienced enough to run the country" think Palin is?????? You know the VP is not just the cantankerous old fart who shoots people in the face, the VP is actually one heartbeat away from the OVAL OFFICE, which PALIN is NOT QUALIFIED IN ANY WAY FOR!!!!!

Jesus Christ on a cracker...this is just crazy.
Honestly, I think McCain knows he is going to lose the big election. So instead of ruining the careers of Romney, Pawlently or all the other Evangelical Preacher looking VP vetters, he chose a WOMAN with a dismal and quite empty record so when he has a pathetic showing, he can blame his VP choice....A WOMAN!

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